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Mission Statement:

We are grass roots committee dedicated to preserving the legacy and memory of those men and women from The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who were killed or missing as a result of the Vietnam War from 1959-1975. We are continuing the mission set forth from the event The Wall in Bucks County which took place on July 14-17, 2017 in Penndel Borough. Our ultimate goal is to construct a Pennsylvania State Memorial dedicated to the 3,175 state residents who gave their lives in Vietnam… and not forget nor neglect the thousands of others who have suffered from the effects of Agent Orange from the effects of war over a lifetime.

Our Story

A continuation of the mission started with the event The Wall in Bucks County in July 2017 where we honored the 58,307 names enshrined on The Wall while highlighting the 136 men from Bucks County who did not return.  Our intent is to permanently pay tribute to all the Vietnam Veterans in Lower Bucks County, spotlighting the 96 killed or still missing.  Our memorial was inspired from a photo taken at that event in 2017. The memorial will consist of two black granite panels 30″w x 66″h. The right panel will have the names of the 96 servicemen from Lower Bucks County lost during the war. The left panel will be dedicated to all those suffering from the effects of Agent Orange and PTSD as a result of the Vietnam War.

A non-profit dedicated to building a Vietnam Veterans Memorial in our home, and our state. Our mission is to honor, commemorate, and remember all those that served in every branch of the US Military during the Vietnam War.

The Pennsylvania Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc. (PAVVMF, Inc.) is a registered 501(c)(3) with the IRS and is a registered non-profit corporation with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State.

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